Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home From Washington

Safely arrived home from my trip to Washington, D.C.  I am a little tired from a late night, one less hour of sleep and a slow day that was mostly spent waiting around but none the worse for wear.  Stephanie Lee's classes were so good that my friend Heather ended up signing up for the fourth class today, which meant I had to hang around by myself this morning while she and some of my other new friends had fun in the classroom and then get myself to the airport but it all worked out.  All of my newly made treasures seem to have made it home safely in my suitcase and the TSA didn't confiscate anything, so that's always a good thing!

I took about 142 photos over the past five days.  Rather a subdued number for me but still good for remembering what a great time we had and the beautiful pieces everyone made.  I'll be sharing several of them here over the next few days.

Here's a fun shot I took in the airport this afternoon.  If you bought one bobblehead for regular price, you could buy the Michelle Obama bobblehead for half price (which is, coincidentally, half the height of the others, which seems strange.  Why should Sarah Palin have a larger stature in anything, including bobbleheadedness, than Michelle???). 
I know you are wondering, how could I resist? But somehow I did.

Katrina was hiding under the bed in her usual spot when I got home but came right out when she realized it was me, and has been out and about looking for attention ever since.  Apparently my cat sitter didn't see hide nor hair of her on any of her four visits, but knew she was eating well, using the little box and playing with her toys while she was home alone.  Hopefully Katrina remembers that she slept the whole night on my bed the evening before I left on my trip and will want to do so again, it was so lovely to have her there.  Here's how pretty she looked the night before I left, sitting regally on the couch in the living room while I packed:

Glad to be home with my full stash of tools and supplies so I can finish the various pieces that I started in class.  A couple are close to being done and should be completed this week if all goes well.  Going around changing the clocks, realizing I forgot to adjust the clock when taping Coronation Street this morning, glad to know I can catch up with the part I missed via CBC online, looking forward to an extra hour of daylight this evening (although it is a rather grey day here in Toronto, compared to the bright and sunny and ten degrees warmer weather I left behind in D.C.).  I decided I have enough energy to go across the street to buy milk for breakfast tomorrow morning but not enough to do laundry.  Worrying about the poor people impacted by the devastation in Japan, it was so surreal to see the images of the damage and destruction on TV before and after enjoying ourselves in class each day, hoping my friends in California are all safe and not having to deal with any tsunami damage. 

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