Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That Was Weird

If you checked out yesterday's post before tonight, you will have noticed it was missing something - namely, the photos that were meant to included therein. Many thanks to Sharon for emailing me to tell me of this problem. I had typed Tuesday's post on Monday night, knowing I would be out to dinner with Diane and Lorraine last night (we had a lovely visit, by the way, details in a later post) and wouldn't have a chance to post, and scheduled it to automatically post itself early Tuesday evening. But somehow when the post went live, all 4 of the photos I had included were missing. I'm not sure if it was a Blogger problem or if I loaded them and then forgot to save the changes before I hit the "publish" button. It's sorted now but how it happened is a mystery.

Here's another weird thing: ever since I hooked up my new HP printer, every now and again, I would have a blue box appear on my screen indicating that there was an update available and would I like to download and install it now. Only, there is no yes or no button to click, just the box with the message. It's about two inches square so it takes up space on the screen, although you can move the box around and tuck it off to one side but it's still rather annoying. It doesn't go away until you log off. This is what it looked like:

Of course, as I was typing that paragraph, the thought occurred to me that I should Google my problem and see if there was a solution. Sure enough, I typed in "HP update box won't go away" and up popped several entries. The first one I clicked on was a link to the HP support website, where someone (in 2008, so clearly this is not a new problem and I'm not the only one experiencing it) had suggested that you hold your cursor arrow over the area in the bottom left side of the box that should be where the "continue" button would be if it were visible and hit the enter key. What do you know, it worked?! My computer is currently being updated! Very slowly, mind you but still, it is happening.
Phew! One less thing to worry about! Now if only it were that easy to find out how they get the caramel in a Caramilk bar...oh wait, they have the answer to that quandary on the Internet too and it's not nearly as exciting as the old commercials made us think it was. Oh well. Some answers you want to know, and some should forever remain a mystery.

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