Friday, June 18, 2010

Post #630

Wow, that number is astounding to me! That's a whole lot of typing and blogging, isn't it? Most days, I enjoy it and I usually don't have any trouble figuring out what to write about. But I must admit, some days are harder than others.

So I was interested to read on Kate McKinnon's blog recently that she is taking some time off from her habit of posting several times throughout her day. She has been very busy lately, writing a couple of books, finishing a DVD project, teaching classes and working at bead shows, with the travel that that entails. Not hard to tell why she might want to take a couple of weeks off and enjoy a vacation with her family.

When I read her post, part of me thought the idea of taking a vacation from blogging seemed like a good one. Only, I don't really feel I need to stop, full stop. I'm thinking maybe I just need to take myself off the hook from blogging every day. Because sometimes, it's hard to do, especially now that cottage season has started again. I have to remember to set up posts in advance if I'm going to be out one night or away for the weekend. Or, I have to turn on my computer when I get home, no matter how late it is. That can be a challenge when I'm tired. On those days, it feels like more of an obligation than fun, when really it should just be fun. After all, it's not a job, it's something I do because I choose to.

So if I don't post more than a photo or a quotation for a day or two (especially on weekends), worry not - I'll be back soon with a tale to tell!

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kate mckinnon said...

blogging should be an act of consciousness, not an obligation to fulfill. Or it's that way to me. I would never post just to fill a space for the day. I can't imagine that!

But I liked the idea of the writer's discipline you were going for. Me, I just naturally write three times a day, I have to discipline myself to write less.
: )