Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bead & Button Show 2010

If you are a beader, you're probably either headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week for the Bead & Button show or wishing you were, to help them celebrate their 10th anniversary. This year, I'm in the second category but that's okay, I went last year and it was so wonderful, the memories of that fabulous week will sustain me until I am able to go again.

But I do know lots of people who are there, so if you want to get a taste for what's going on, what people are doing, who's there and doing what, check these out:

Kate McKinnon - who has been making the most amazing PMC pieces and bead kits in recent weeks to sell at her booth, see link to her website on the right hand side of this blog and check out the photos on her blog.

The Beadfx Buyer - ditto.

The Dixon Chick - ditto, although she might not have time to post on her blog while she's there, you might do better to follow her on Facebook instead. According to her last posting, she swapped crystals and a wink for a seat upgrade at the Milwaukee Brewers game - lucky girl!!

Rachel Nelson-Smith -

Andrew Thornton of Green Girl Studios -, who is also hosting a giveaway today of six lovely lampwork beads made by Barbara "Basha", check out his blog and leave a comment before next Monday to be entered to win!!

I hope all my friends and bead colleagues have a wonderful time this week!! Miss you guys, hope to see y'all again soon!

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