Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hanging With Lorraine and Diane

I had a great time hanging out with Diane and Lorraine the other night. We met at Diane's house first, had a glass of wine and an appetizer while we played show and tell with our various art projects and photos, then we strolled up to the Danforth and had dinner at one of the Greek restaurants. It was a perfect early summer evening, not too warm, not too cool, just right for eating at a table with the windows open to the street.

Lorraine showed us some of the photos she took on her recent trip to Barcelona and the south of France - the colours were so beautiful, but I admit I was surprised at the pastel shades in a lot of her shots. I think of Barcelona as being so vibrant and colourful, it was nice to see the softer side. Then again, it might just be that Lorraine gravitates to those colours, that they appeal to her more than the stronger, bolder tones but there were plenty of those too. She also showed us a petite little journal she is creating using a Moleskin sketchbook as a base.

Since we were at Diane's house, it was easy for her to pull out a few more projects to share with us out of her very inspiring studio room, which leads out onto the patio and the beautiful garden - how lovely a space that would be to work in. She carried out a stack of journals she has made in various classes and let me tell you, they were so varied and so amazing, it was mind boggling.

Here's a picture of Diane (on the left) showing one of those journals to Lorraine. Notice the stack on the left hand side of the picture - those were the books Diane has made that we were about to explore and my goodness, they were quite a treasure trove of talent!

Thank you, ladies, for the lovely evening and most of all, for the inspiration!!

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