Friday, June 25, 2010

B Line at Bizzy B

Last night, the Bizzy B stamp and scrap store hosted an event to introduce the new line of rubber stamps from B Line. What a fun evening it was!

When I arrived, everyone was seated around the big table at the back of the store, which was covered by black tablecloths covering some rather lumpy configurations. When those cloths were eventually removed, lo and behold, the table was covered with dozens of rubber stamps, each one more intriguing than the last. Everyone immediately began picking up their favourites and moving around the table to see what else was on offer. Here's a picture of my friend Marilyn (on the right) and another lady and half the table's worth of stamps:

After we had all had a chance to have a good, long look at the new stamps, Cheryl and Daniza began teaching the "make and take" portion of the evening.

At Cheryl's work space, we made tags with a seashell theme using glitter and Distress Inks. Here's what the finished piece looked like:

At the same time, Daniza was teaching two different tag designs at the big table, both using the same quotation: "Time is a dressmaker, specializing in alterations." As it happens, a friend from work was turning 50 today, so I made this first tag for her, using a stamp that featured a row of ladies in various styles of vintage dresses:
This second tag I am going to keep for myself. The quote is the same but the design is completely different. The stamps used were various ones with a sewing theme - a measuring tape, an ornate pair of scissors, a needle book and a package of buttons, to which we glued actual buttons. I especially liked the lace stamp at the bottom of the tag, balanced by the piece of real lace tied to the top of the tag. Daniza designed both tags, such a clever girl.

Many thanks to Barb, Daniza and Cheryl for hosting a very entertaining and productive evening!
If you'd like to see the full B Line collection, you will find it here: If you see something you like, just call the folks at Bizzy B ( and they can order the stamp(s) for you. Or drop by the store to see them in person - they don't have every single one but take it from me, the ones they do have are pretty fabulous!

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