Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Rain

Can you believe all that rain we had yesterday? We certainly needed it, after a week and a half of hot, sunny weather. It started coming down mid-afternoon and was still going strong by the time I got home around 9 p.m. I took public transit downtown to a dental appointment in the late afternoon and then walked down to the Toronto Bead Society meeting, about a 20 minute stroll, during which time I got quite damp, in spite of my umbrella. Got even wetter when a taxi drove by and splashed me with one of those huge arcs of water. The beauty of it all, and the part that made me just shake my head and laugh when I got soaked by that taxi, was the fact that it was WARM water!! So humid and moist. It didn't matter that it was wet, once you got under cover or indoors, everything dried out pretty fast.

An old friend once told me he loves the rain. I can still remember exactly where we were and when it was that we had this conversation - we were sitting in a car, thankfully dry and with the heater going, watching the rain pour down the windshield and listening to the thudding on the car roof and that swishy noise on the road as other cars drove past. It was November and it was cold and damp. I didn't disagree with him, because I like rain too, but I thought he was crazy to say that about a November rain, that icy cold rain that soaks your ankles and chills your entire body. No way, no sir. But a summer rain, that is something entirely different. It even sounds different than a winter rain, no doubt the result of all those little raindrops landing on green, green leaves and soaking into thirsty lawns and flower beds.

The best thing about rain, in my humble opinion, is lying in bed listening to it hitting the roof above you while you snuggle all warm and dry under the covers. It is something I remember most fondly from being a young kid tucked up in bed in my grandparents' cottage. The way their cottage was built, the individual bedrooms weren't enclosed, they didn't have a ceiling - they were open to the rafters - no privacy whatsoever, of course, you heard every sound and snore but as a kid, drifting off to sleep, it was always rather magical to lie there and listen to the adults talk and laugh as they played cards or whatever they were doing and later, when everything was quiet and dark, to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of the rain coming down.

Here's how that feeling sounds to me - take a listen to "Rainy Night in Georgia" as sung by Conway Twitty and Sam Moore, circa 1993. The bittersweet slide of the steel guitar says it all.

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