Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Saturday Stroll

It's not quite spring out there today but it's a sunny 8 degrees C so we'll take it!

I took myself off to the scrapbooking store this morning as they were having a second hand stamp sale today. Major bargains to be had! I picked up several issues of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Somerset Studio for 50 cents or a dollar each (which represents a total score, as they normally retail for $10-$16 each), a book about making mosaics and one on collaging ($1 and $4 each, another score), some used stipple brushes and a few stamps, including a collection of calligraphy alphabet letters and words.

Then I went for a bit of a stroll and here's what I saw:

1. people sitting outside reading the paper (although why the bench beside the garbage boxes was their location of choice is beyond me); 2. pretty fake daisies in buckets; 3. an empty coffee cup and an abandoned shirt. Since it wasn't even go without your coat weather (although I did see one crazy guy in shirt sleeves and a misguided teenage girl in short shorts whose mother probably didn't see her leave the house this morning), I'm not sure how to explain the mystery of the shirt that was left behind; 4. collections of spring flowers outside little market stores, begging to be taken home; 5. death of a snowman 6. vintage wheels out on tour (complete with fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror, I kid you not!); 7. a very cool carved totem pole surrounding a red door at the library; 8. the most colourful collection of trucks and storage containers I have ever seen; and 9. Max showing my new magazines who is boss.

Many thanks to Mary Ann Moss for pointing me to the Big Huge Labs website to make this mosaic ( after I admired the lovely mosaic on her blog earlier this week:

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