Monday, March 8, 2010


As I was watching the beginning of the Oscars last night, the part where they show various stars arriving on the red carpet and the interviewers ask them who designed their outfit, I was reminded of this quote that is embedded in a mosaic in the floor of the Eaton Court at the Royal Ontario Museum: "Beauty in things exists in the mind that contemplates them."

Here are some of what my mind believes to be beautiful Art Deco pieces they have on display at the museum:

- two rather stunning floor lamps with wrought iron stands (the one on the right was designed/made by Edgar Brandt in France in the 1920's and has an alabaster shade)

- a desk chair made of macassar ebony and bird's eye maple, also in the 1920's (don't worry, I checked, it's upholstery, not an animal hide)

and my personal favourite, this painted and glazed earthenware figurine called "The Butterfly Dancer Miss Niddy Impekoven (1904-2002)". The label says "Austrian, Vienna, Goldscheider 1925-30, Designed by Josef Lorenzi."

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Lesley said...

Thanks for sharing these, for those of us who can't get across the world to that museum. I particularly love the lamps.