Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night

The 82nd Academy Awards will be broadcast tonight, will you be watching?

I will probably watch the opening as I love Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin and I expect they will be very entertaining together (they certainly were in the Meryl Streep movie, "It's Complicated", which isn't nominated for anything tonight).

But after that, I might tune out as I haven't seen very many of the nominated films. Oops, I was just reviewing the list of nominees and realizing I have barely seen any of the films on the list, only Star Trek (nominated for Visual Effects, Makeup, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing) and Up (Music, Animated Feature Film, Writing (Original Screenplay) and, somewhat surprisingly to me, as cute and good as it was, Best Picture. Why do they need 10 choices for Best Picture anyway, what's that all about?).

Which makes me wonder, what exactly have I been doing with my time??

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