Monday, March 22, 2010

Bag of Beads Reveal - Part 6

For my final post on this subject (at least, for now), here are two of my most favourite pieces from the TBS Bag of Beads Challenge.

This first one was created by Rae Huggins. It was made from a picture of a fish from a colouring book that she then painted. The scales are made from a pair of earrings she had in her jewellery box that she didn't expect to wear again. What made this piece even more special is that Rae had a little story to go with the artwork itself. The story goes that someone was making a necklace and somehow it fell to the bottom of the ocean and a fish grabbed it and wanted to keep the pendant for itself, which is why it is carrying it in its mouth. The pieces at the bottom of the design are various sea creatures that inhabit the ocean of this make believe story, such as a beaded squid (the pink circular piece).

I took a few closeup shots to show some of the different sections of this piece.

But the one that totally blew me away was this dragon, made by Andria Knowles-Muller. If we gave out prizes for this challenge, I would want her to win the blue ribbon or the gold medal (with Rae getting the silver medal for the 2nd place finish). My photos don't do this piece justice. She wrapped beads over a wire armature and made the dragon's wings out of the paper.

Interestingly, this piece also had a bit of a story to it as well - the dragon is carrying a necklace that he can't wear but he wants it anyway. Andria displayed her artwork in a shadow box and again I must offer my apologies for the photo, where you can see the reflections of the overhead lights in the glass but still, I wanted you to be able to see some of the incredible detail of this piece.

I have one more amazing piece to show you but I promised the designer, Anne Marie Desaulniers, that I'd wait until after April 1st to blog about it, for reasons I shall reveal at that time, so you'll have to be patient. But I think it will be worth the wait, as in my humble opinion, her creation would be tied with Andria's for first prize!!

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Trinisunshine said...

Thank you Cynthia for placing Trinisunshine Reef on your blog. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments you added and your memory of my description is excellent. I really enjoyed that meeting, it was a great opportunity to relax and be entertained by the wonderful ladies who shared their stories about their work and feast our eyes with the beautiful creations at the big reveal.