Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's in the Bag

Beaders, ready, set, go! The Bag of Beads were distributed last night at the January Toronto Bead Society meeting and we now have two months to make something - anything - out of the contents.

The colour scheme is an off-white/pearl/eggshell combination. There are 14 items all together - various seed beads (although I could have less by now, my cat Max seems to think the bag tastes good and is determined to have a chomp or two), some freshwater pearl mussel shapes, some yellow jade semi-precious chips and a few other bits and pieces. The unusual item is the river stones, which don't have holes in them, and we have to figure out how to add at least one of them to our design.
My subconscious must have been thinking of these beads while I was sleeping, as I woke up thinking of one or two other colours I could add to the mix to change things up a little bit (I'm not much of a monochromatic girl as a rule). I also made some lampwork beads in Haliburton last summer that I think would go nicely with these beads - I called them the Caramel Collection, so they should compliment the creamy pearl colours quite well.
I'll have to start experimenting and see what I can come up with!

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