Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama Coming to Canada

The news was announced yesterday and I must admit, I felt a bit giddy when I heard it. It's almost like someone told me Elvis was coming to visit. Okay, Elvis is widely believed to be dead, but you know what I mean...

(Have you seen this week's cover of People magazine? Don't Mr. and Mrs. Obama look glamourous?)

What is it about this man that creates such a fascination? Canadian politicians don't generate that much excitement, that's for sure. Oh yes, we had something called Trudeaumania up here once upon a time but that was what, forty years ago?

Unfortunately, it looks like he's only coming for one day and Parliament won't be in session at the time, so he won't be able to give a speech in the House of Commons. No news on exactly where Obama will be visiting when he crosses the 49th parallel - will it be Ottawa? (the snowbanks are probably above his head by now and their transit strike continues, so hopefully someone will pick him up at the airport) Vancouver? (they're probably too busy building infrastructure for next year's Olympics) Toronto???? (yes, let's hope so!)

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The Dixon Chick said...

How weird is it that we both have Elvis in our blog for today within minutes of each other posting? Imagine Goldmember saying, "How veird is dat?"

tee hee