Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Reality

Now that I am home from my travels, I am realizing how much work needs to be done. Having moved apartments at the beginning of December, I unpacked everything I needed to get by for the couple of weeks before my trips to Calgary and Puerto Vallarta and it was all a bit of a mad scramble, what with getting things bought and wrapped for Christmas, etc. But now that I'm back to reality and work and "normal", I need to unpack for real and get everything sorted to where it belongs. The sight of the boxes and general clutter about the place was rather depressing when I arrived home from the airport. I am looking forward to spending the next few cold winter weekends snuggled up indoors, getting organized.

Plus I am full of ideas for new creations which means I need to get my bead stash organized sooner than later, so I can get to work making all the pieces that are now floating about in my head.

In the meantime, when the snow is piled too high and the temperature drops below minus 20 as it is forecasted to do later this week, I will close my eyes and imagine myself here:

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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