Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mexican Mosaics

The Hacienda Mosaico definitely lives up to its name. There are mosaic pieces all over the property, as a pretty fountain, as decoration in a walkway and as flower pots - although in more unconventional form than your standard clay pot! Can you guess which photo I mean? :) One of the tables by the pool even has flattened silverware embedded in the mosaic design, like a place setting, which I thought was a really inventive idea (designed by none other than our very talented hostess, Sam).

Sam drove us by the tile store on our first day in Puerto Vallarta then dropped us off a few blocks away so we could shop and after much searching on foot later in the day (turns out we were on the wrong block - oops!), Colleen and I located the store again and went in to take a look. I've never seen so many tile choices in my life. It's a bit daunting, actually, trying to choose which tiles to use, but the results are quite spectacular. You can either create a repeating pattern or just collect a bunch of individual tiles and put them all together - either way, the effect is quite lovely and so colourful.

On our last night in Puerto Vallarta, I found this beautiful wooden box with a butterfly on the top, covered with clear tiles that made it look like a mosaic. I just had to bring it home as a momento.

The mosaic idea has stayed in my head and I'm trying to translate it into something made out of beads. I'll keep you posted on how I make out. In the meantime, enjoy the photos. Notice how the checker board effect is like a mosaic? Who's a clever girl then?

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The Dixon Chick said...

Love the tiles! They are a fiesta for the eyes!