Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Snow Today

In fact, it has been snowing all day. Once again, I was very glad that I now live so close to work so my commute was not that bad but I did have to clear a whole lot of snow off the car before I could drive home and it took at least 10 minutes before I got the feeling back in my fingers afterwards. So you'll understand why I find myself wondering more and more these days, exactly why do I live in a cold climate? In the summer months, I would have no problem identifying what I love about Ontario, with cottage life being at the top of the list. But this time of year, I'm asking myself, what is the point of windchills, shovelling and putting on extra layers?

I'm remembering our days in Puerto Vallarta very fondly tonight. Missing my bead friends, wondering what they are doing right now (I know one is probably snowed in at her cottage and one is getting ready for the Tucson bead shows next week), recalling our stroll on the beach...I know, I know, if you really try, you can tell yourself that walking in snow is a little like walking in sand...

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