Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back Online

I am pleased to report that my move went very smoothly, although it took much longer than any of us expected and everyone was quite tired by the end of it. Many thanks to Shane and his crew from A&D Movers for all their help.

So now I am in my new place, surrounded by many boxes. Every time I need something, there is usually a bit of a search to find it. The cats seem to be adjusting quickly to the new space and hopefully have forgotten the trauma of being shut up in a small room for most of moving day, except for the part when they had to ride in the big, noisy, scary car.

An IT friend very kindly offered to come over the day after the move to set up my computer for me. Everything seemed to be in order until he discovered that my mouse no longer worked. Not sure why or how that happened, but luckily it was a cheap and easy fix, and now I'm back online and ready to blog.

Here's a picture of Max checking out the new place from his perch high atop one of the box piles.

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The Dixon Chick said...

COngrats on a successful move! Glad to see you back on line too!