Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally Found the Toaster Oven!

It has taken me three weeks since the move but I finally found the toaster oven. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find, especially since it was carefully packed in its original box, which included a picture on the outside guessed it...a toaster oven! But somehow, it got piled at the bottom and behind of a bunch of boxes in the living room of all places and it has taken me until now to clear out the boxes in front and on top of it. How this particular box ended up in the living room instead of the kitchen is a mystery but it happens.

In the meantime, I've been making due with the stove top and the microwave to do my cooking but I'm glad to have the toaster oven installed where it belongs. Not that I couldn't use the regular oven if I needed to but it's brand, spanking new and you just know the first time I use it, something is going to drip on to the bottom and turn black and remain there for several months until I get around to cleaning it out. So I think for now, I'll only use the little toaster oven as needed and the oven can remain sparkling clean for just a little while longer.

Today, I also found the lint brush to clean off my clothes, which otherwise look like the cats have been sleeping on them, even when they haven't, the Harry Potter books I wanted to donate to the Xmas toy drive and the glue gun to fix the things that are suddenly in pieces following the move, which items I've also been looking for at various times over the past three weeks, so it has been a very productive day!!

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