Monday, December 22, 2008

Looking for a last minute gift?

Wondering what to get for that special someone who already has everything they need? Why not give a caribou? That's what my boss gave me. To be more precise, she "symbolically adopted" a caribou in my name through the World Wildlife Foundation - Canada. There are a bunch of different animals to choose from, depending on whether you prefer something from the land, air or sea and if you want small and cuddly or something a little more adventurous (grizzly bear, anyone?). The gift recipient gets an adoption certificate and a very cute little stuffed animal to show for your donation and the money you pay is used to save endangered species and habitats around the world.

Alternatively, you might want to give a live animal to a needy family somewhere in the world, who either use it to feed themselves or earn income by starting a business with the product(s) generated by the animal. For example, $35 will buy 2 hens and a rooster or a couple of rabbits, for $100 a goat and if you're feeling really generous, you can get a dairy cow for $600 or fill an entire stable for $1,200. Check out World Vision's website for more details:
Sure, there are still going to be those who will tell you they'd rather have a present for themselves and they might even offer to make it easier for you by offering to just take the cash, but just think of the life-changing possibilites you might bring about by saving a whale or giving a family an alpaca instead! Imagine...

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