Thursday, December 4, 2008

What to Wear?

Our company holiday party is tomorrow night and I don't know what to wear. Clothes wise, that is. Partly because I haven't had time, with the move, to try on anything in my closet to see if it still fits or is suitable for a fancy dinner dance type of event. Whatever I choose, it will be black, but will it be a little black dress or a long skirt? Velvet or silk? Long sleeve or sleeveless? Flats or heels? These are the choices with which I struggle.

The good news is, I know exactly what jewellery I'm wearing, because I've already made it. I call it "Starry Night". It's made from some pretty special beads. The star shaped ones are from my trip to London this past January and the black and white focal bead is from a bead store in Paris (although I can't quite decide if I like the necklace better with or without the focal bead).

Whatever I finally decide, I've been saving these beads for just the right piece and just the right occasion, so I'm excited to finally get a chance to wear them.

1 comment:

The Dixon Chick said...

What can I say....
LOVE IT!!!!!!
You can always switch the focal in and out.... I like it alot and want to see it in real life.