Saturday, December 13, 2008

Creating Snowflakes

Today I took a class at Bead Junction to learn how to make snowflakes. It was taught by the amazing Maria Rypan of Rypan Designs (, who is well known for her beadweaving and especially her expertise in Ukrainian-style beadwork.

The snowflakes were very easy to make and quite beautiful when finished. Maria sells kits in three different sizes (small, medium and large). They are made using something called Soft Touch, a relatively new product of beading wire (or maybe just new to me!) available from both Beadalon and Soft Flex, that is thin like thread but strong like wire. It's very soft and flexible and you can even tie knots in it! You actually thread it onto a needle, which makes it very easy to work with, especially when making these snowflakes.

The pattern is very simple, a combination of overlapping "v's" with Swarovski crystals on the tips. It also folds up into a neat crown-like shape when not laid flat. (notice how the AB cut of the crystal reflects the light as a colour in the photo? cool!)

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