Monday, December 29, 2008

Time Flies

Phew, that weekend went by fast! Hard to believe Christmas is over already and we're winding down yet another year. I'm home from Calgary, unpacking my suitcase full of the bulky sweaters and wool pants that I had taken to keep me warm in the minus 20 degree weather they were having out there. As soon as it is empty, I will start filling it with lightweight summer clothes in preparation for 9 days in plus 30 degree weather.

On New Year's Day, my friend Colleen and I are flying to Puerto Vallarta to join Kate McKinnon for a jewellery class. It seems like just yesterday I was in southern France with Kate, taking a week long PMC class. The sunflowers were in bloom, the sun was shining and France was ours to explore.

But that was the end of July and (zoom) now it's the end of December and I'm getting ready to explore Puerto Vallarta. Can't wait!

We'll be staying at a place called Hacienda Mosaico, beading by the pool, sipping margaritas. Sounds like there will be a little bit of PMC involved but mostly we'll be putting components together that Kate has gathered up for us and making things of our own to add to the mix. I don't know exactly what that will involve and I don't really care, because it will be warm, we'll be having fun making jewellery - as a way of starting off a new year, it sounds pretty good to me!

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H.K.Thomas said...

Hacienda Mosaico looks amazing...and beautiful. Enjoy!