Monday, April 24, 2017

Stamp Love

I am loving the variety of stamps that are arriving in my mailbox this month from my American penpals as part of National Letter Writing Month.

This image of two horses and their reflection in the water is somewhat obscured by the cancellation stamp but it sure does look pretty!
Love this Wonder Woman stamp and the colourful heart image.

I had to look up the artist Albert Bierstadt, as I can tell from the stamp below that I would love his paintings!  This one of Yosemite looks positively dreamy to me.  I also like how the stamps have the year printed on them as well, the Bierstadt from 2008 and the (oops - upside down) flag from 2013.

This envelope came with a flower, a rooster and a pair of parakeets!
I really like this blue butterfly but I believe this Jimi Hendrix stamp is my favourite so far!  

Day 21/100 - #100dayproject

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