Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pretty as a Peacock

For today's episode of Time Travel Tuesday, I'm remembering the peacocks we saw on the grounds of the Delores Museum in Mexico City in March of 2015, which was one of our excursions on this trip. As we walked along the stone pathway leading to the buildings where the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo artwork is on display, there were peacocks everywhere.
The males were presenting their finery to us all.  Here's a picture of Joely and one of the birds, so you can get an idea of how big that fan of feathers actually is.
The colouring of the males is absolutely stunning, no question about it.
But I think the peahens are equally beautiful, in their own way.
Apparently there is quite a lot of symbolism associated with the peacock, you can read a little bit about it here.

For now, I shall leave you with this butt shot of a male, which I find equally interesting!!

Day 22/100 - #100dayproject

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