Friday, April 14, 2017

NLWM 2017

If you have been following my blog for a long time, you will already know that April is "National Letter Writing Month".  This is my 5th year taking part in a letter writing group.  Here are some of my previous posts from earlier years:


There are various groups and challenges out there celebrating this month.  One group suggests its members write 30 letters, one each day of the month.  In the group I belong to, we are each assigned one penpal and we commit to write at least 4 letters to that penpal during the month.  You can choose to be either a "one on one" player, in which you only have to write to your penpal, or you can be a "madness" player.  A madness player doesn't have to write to all of the other 69 group members but they do promise to respond to everyone who writes to them (so technically, you might end up sending out 69 letters if you receive one from everyone else but it doesn't usually work out that way).

The group I take part in is organized by Lindsay Ostrom.  She calls herself the "Creator of Cuteness" and if you look at this drawing on the envelope of the letter she sent me, you can see she more than deserves that title.  I love her lettering style and I am waiting patiently for the day when she offers an online class so I can learn more about how to do it myself.

By my count, there are 70 participants in our group this year.  Most of the others are located in the United States, there are 2 of us in Toronto, one in Italy and one in Germany.  The month is only half over and already I have received 25 cards and letters from other players (some of whom have written to me twice, which is unusual but very kind!).

This cool envelope was made by Rhonda using an atlas page and shows the path from her home in California to mine in Toronto.
Jackie sent me this handmade postcard.
Alli made me this lovely bookmark (it says "Life is about using the whole box of crayons!" on the other side). Plus check out the fabulous stamps on the envelope!
This beautiful card was made by Irma.
It is such a treat to go to the mailbox every day this month.  Some days, the box is empty but most days, there is one or more cards and letters tucked in with the junk mail and grocery flyers. A big thank you goes out to all who are taking the time to write to me, it is much appreciated and I will definitely be responding as soon as I can!

Stay tuned for later posts in which I will share more pictures of the gorgeous cards and letters I am receiving.

Day 11/100 - #100dayproject

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Createology said...

Great post on NLWM 2017. I participate each year and am lucky enough to live very close to Miss Creator of Cuteness and Ben Franklin where she works and teaches. A couple summers ago I took all her classes. However Art and Letterng just escapes me. Happy Mail Month...<3