Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring at the Cottage

Spring is still taking it's sweet time settling in.  This first long weekend of the season is when we normally open the cottage but the single digit overnight temperatures and frost warnings were a bit disconcerting.  We postponed our arrival until Sunday as a result.  
It was the first year I could remember being up there early enough that the leaves are still in the process of unfurling.  

The bareness of the trees and the cool temperatures made it seem more like fall and people were bundled up in thick sweaters and making jokes about cooking a Thanksgiving turkey!  This chipmunk was busy filling his cheeks as if winter was approaching.  Perhaps he knows something we don't?
The trilliums and the myrtle are in bloom, always a sure sign of spring!
There was a huge dead fish floating about at our shoreline, which my sister Janine discovered when she donned her hip-waders and headed into the lake as part of the process of getting running water.
One of our beloved birch trees came down at the end of October last year. It will need to be cut up for firewood but that's not on the "to do" list until next week.
For this past weekend, it was all about getting the water running and get things cleaned, dusted, vacuumed and organized, which we did in record time.  It seemed a shame to leave late Monday afternoon, just when everything was sparking clean and ready to enjoy!

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