Thursday, May 29, 2014

Renovations Continue

Work continues outside my apartment door, albeit exceedingly slowly.  The drywall has been installed
and this week, taped and sanded.
By the time I get home each night, only a thin layer of white dust and the tools of their trade remain behind to show they were there.
I must admit, the sight of this roll of mesh tape sitting unattended was tempting to me.
If it was already open, I would have very few qualms about taking a inch (foot) or so for my journal (okay, maybe a yard) - the mesh adds a wonderful texture underneath gesso or paint. But it's a brand new roll, still wrapped in plastic, and I tell myself if I really want some, I can just head to the hardware store and get some of my own, no need to steal it.  So I left it there.  Every day.  For 3 days now.  Perhaps I am being tested.  Good girl or bad?

I wish they'd tidy up their stuff and put it away, or move on to the next floor. A girl can only be good for so long!

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