Sunday, May 25, 2014

Construction Update

I had a quiet day yesterday, working on an art project that is a gift for someone. I meant to finish it last year and didn't, thought I'd work on it over the winter and didn't do too much. Now I just want to get it done but needed a few hours of uninterrupted time to get it really going and I finally had that yesterday. Still a ways to go but at least it's moving ahead now.  On the plus side, the recipient doesn't know anything about it so they don't know I'm running so late on delivery! :)

Today was a different story - more active, cleaning up and clearing out. Spent some time today cleaning off my balcony.  Quite a layer of dirt on everything after a long winter and of course, due to all the extra dust in the air from what is going on down on the ground:
The construction work continues, even on Saturdays. Yesterday was the first warm and sunny, summer-like Saturday we've had this year and I chose not to be out of the balcony because the noise of the trucks and heavy equipment is bad enough when just the windows are open a few inches.  Not to mention that they started work around 7 a.m. and kept going until late afternoon.  They're not supposed to start work until 7 according to the local by-laws but that doesn't seem to stop them from getting ready earlier than that, which yesterday involved banging those heavy metal buckets around starting about 6 a.m.  So much for sleeping in on the weekends, it's not possible in this neighbourhood right now!
At one point, I counted 9 dump trucks waiting to be filled up.
I'm not sure where that big pile of dirt came from or where it is going.
Luckily, they don't work on Sundays so today was blissfully quiet.  I carted a few loads downstairs to the garbage, clearing a bunch of stuff that had been accumulating on my balcony over the past few years, cluttering things up.  Once that stuff was gone, I washed a thick layer of grime off the table and chairs and vacuumed the rug.  I also had to sweep up a lot of leaves from the artificial tree I have out there - it sheds as much as a real tree in the fall! How can that be?!

Now all is tidy out there but I am worn out.  I think I'll turn in early doubt those dump trucks will be back first thing tomorrow morning to wake me up early!

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Rhapsody Phoenix said...

One cannot rush creativity, the inspiration has to be there because its where the motivation comes from. Hope you complete it soon.

Its a good thing the recipient doesn't know so there is no pressure and no deadlines.

Have a fabulous week.
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