Monday, November 11, 2013

We Remember 2013

Tonight is our November Journal Junkies meeting at Bizzy B.  The scheduled theme was "suffering".  I can't remember how we picked that one, it seems rather an odd choice for our group, but I hadn't really focused on any ideas for my journal page until we got a reminder email for the meeting that suggested we could also use the theme "memories".  Combined with the date of the meeting on November 11th, I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do and here is the result:

Please note that the soldier standing by the grave on the left hand page was not drawn by me.  I used an image from the Internet that I found here.  Unfortunately, there is no indication as to whether or not this image was created by the person who posted it there.  It appears to be similar to the image found here (which, as far as I can tell, is available for use for non-commercial purposes) but it has been altered, so I do apologize to the original artist(s) for using his or her work without permission and without proper acknowledgement.  It is not my intention to take credit for this image in any way, I merely collaged it into my journal page for artistic effect.

The same goes for the photograph used on the far left of the page, which was printed from an article about University of Toronto students and alumni who went off to fight in World War I, one of whom was John McCrae, the author of "Flanders Fields", the poem which appears on the right hand page.

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