Thursday, November 21, 2013

My New Typewriter

I went back to the thrift store today and got the typewriter. 

I went in and looked at it again. Realized that it had the type of keys that last night's online research suggested would not be easy to remove. Decided I wouldn't buy it and left the store. 
Had lunch nearby and thought about it while I ate. Realized I liked the typewriter just the way it is, even if I couldn't remove the keys, and that I was unlikely to find another one at an antique market for such a reasonable price, decided to go back and get it. 

The woman at the cash desk went crazy when she saw it. Called 2 other people over to look at it, one another staff person, one a random customer. They exclaimed over it as well. All of them told me I mustn't clean it up or try to fix it, I must leave it just the way it is. 

Knew I had made the right choice. :)

1 comment:

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Luck was with you. I have a hard time with these kind of decisions and when I do finally decide and go's gone. Lucky you!