Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Left Behind

I popped into a local thrift shop today on my lunch hour.  You never know what you're going to find on any given day, but today there was an extra special treasure trove to be found. 

Like this vintage cooler for only $6.99.

I pulled it off the shelf, thinking it was a picnic basket, the type that normally sells for $15 to $20 at the antique markets, but it was larger and heavier. As a result of the special liner inside, no doubt, which was very clean and in good condition. I think the liner could have been removed if one so desired, it appeared to be held on place by just a couple of screws but I decided not to get it. 

Then I noticed this rusty old typewriter. It was love at first sight. 

But the practical voice in my head wondered what I would do with it, since the carriage didn't move and the keys were jammed. It would just be a display piece (unless I removed the keys and used them for jewelry or embellishments). I reluctantly moved on. 

Only a few feet away, two dressers. 

Not too exciting as is but I loved the little drawers on the side. These dressers  would no doubt be quite lovely looking with a coat or two of an antique white paint. Or perhaps a pretty blue or green or grey.  Country Living magazine has several excellent examples of just such a transformation on their website. And it was only $14.99 for the pair! But they were bulky and I didn't know where in my apartment I'd put them, unless I were to get rid of my existing dressers, so I didn't them either. 

I didn't leave empty handed though. I picked up this very cool ruler, with a metal side and a longer, heavy plastic side. 

It even has a levelling bubble on the one arm.   I'm sure that will come in handy from time to time. 

Nevertheless, I find that tonight, I'm still thinking of those treasures that I left behind...wondering if they might still be there tomorrow...

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katie said...

It looks like a fun day with some good "finds". those dressers were a deal - man - I paid $75 for the large kindel chest of drawers I found.