Monday, November 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye to New Friends

I have returned from Mexico.  Very reluctantly, I must say, having had such a great time and met such lovely new friends.  I am in the process of downloading the approximately 3,200 photos I took while I was there.  Mexico was no different from France, in that there was a new photo opportunity every three feet or so of interesting people and things. I'll be sharing those photos here over the next little while, but in the meantime, here are a few from our last day.

We gathered in the courtyard after breakfast for one last photo.  Janet stood up on the penthouse level to take a picture of all of us:

I snapped these photos as that was happening.  I like the energy of these shots, the way people are looking in different directions and making not-quite-ready-for-the-camera faces.

Then we started taking pictures of and with our beloved teachers, Judy and Katie:

And pictures with each other:
Mary and me
Jeanne, Bonnie, Alexis and Karen
Me, Billy and my roommate Ann
Sherri and me
Saying goodbye and thank you
to the wonderful staff of Casa Carmen
Cuarto amigos!
The paparazzi shot:
Sherry, Kathie, Karen, Alexis, Jeanne, Paula and Sally Jo
Then it was time to get on our little shuttle bus for the 1.5 hour ride to the airport.  Everything was going well until we realized Katie was crying as she stood with Rebecca and Judy and Billy, waving us off, which made most of us tear up too.  But leave we must and during the ride, we talked and laughed and made plans to meet again in the future.
Karen on the bus
What a fabulous group of people, what a wonderful time we had, what a beautiful town San Miguel de Allende was.  Saying goodbye is hard, saying goodbye to new friends who feel like family is even harder.  Until we meet again, adios, mis amigos! xo


Karen Cole said...

You certainly captured my happy face, Ms. "Cynful". You were such a pleasure to spend time with. You have an easy flowing glow that is contagious . Thanks for being there. xoxo

Ann Carter said...

Miss you too, roomie! Thanks for posting these great photos of our last day. So many things to always remember!

Kathie Vezzani said...

Hey tablemate, can't wait to see the rest of your posts. Have to get on mine, too. Miss your perfectly timed comments. We'll see each other again.

rebecca said...

thank you for this gift of remembering. so many lovely heartfelt moments shared among the sweetest new friends, so grateful we have all had this perfect slice of heaven together!

Judy Wise said...

What a beautiful dream it was. Thank you for the great post; I'm overwhelmed with photos here myself so I know the dedication it took. You made my afternoon. (((hug)))