Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Special Place

During my recent trip to Mexico, after our group's visit to Anado McLauchlin's colourful home (as I described here and here), we made one more stop before heading back to Casa Carmen for lunch.  We went to see San Miguel Viejo, the oldest church in San Miguel de Allende.

It's a little bit off the beaten path, a mile or two outside of the city proper.  It was built around 1542 and currently sits next to a corn field at the end of a bumpy road, it's nearest neighbours the inhabitants of a small and rather impoverished looking collection of rundown buildings that might loosely be described as a village that we drove past on our way to the church.

The stone building features an elaborately carved front

and a pretty in pink bell tower.

The carved stonework was quite interesting.

I didn't take note of the subject of this statue but he seemed to happy to see us.

The building itself was locked but we walked all around and took turns posing for each other in front of the picturesque stone wall that surrounds it.
Jeanne and Alexis

A Mexican cowboy rode by while we were there, taking two horses to an unknown destination.

The surrounding view was quite spectacular.

We stood around afterwards, in no particular hurry to get back on our little bus and head back home, just enjoying being together on a warm, sunny day.

The feeling of peace and tranquility that surrounds this small and rather unassuming, pretty pink building was palpable and only served to enhance our enjoyment of each other and our surroundings.
Jeanne, Kathie, Alexis and me
(Photo by Paula Fava)


Karen Cole said...

Keep it coming Cynthia !!!!!

lulu moonwood murakami said...

Love seeing these photos, Cynthia - thank you for sharing! What a lovely little church!