Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Day After

I'm tired today, having stayed up past midnight watching every minute of the post-game victory celebrations.  But it's a very happy tired, one where I'm having trouble focusing on reality but at the same time, nothing's going to get me down today.  For these few hours at least, life is good and all is right with the world.  It was just so darned exciting to see the Blackhawks win in such a dramatic fashion (just when everyone was thinking it was over, two goals 17 seconds apart in the last 76 seconds of regulation time - no sudden death overtime, no 7th game tiebreaker needed), while actually knowing someone who is on the team.  It was fun to see the players and their families as they were being interviewed after the game, giddy with excitement, happy, euphoric, proud.  That's exactly how I felt on Mike's behalf.  Can't wait to see him and his family, hopefully this weekend at the annual cottage picnic, and give them all a big hug and hear the stories.

Here he is, kissing the Cup.  Since I was taking a photo of my TV screen while trying to juggle a cat who was determined to jump up on my lap at that exact moment (after showing no interest to sit there for the previous 3 hours), it's blurry but I don't mind. I know it's Mike.

Here's another one, of him holding the Cup over his head.  

This is what hockey players do when they finally have this most holiest of grails in their hands - they kiss it, they lift it, they pass it to each other.  And apparently they do a few other odd things with it as well (pee in it? throw it in a pool?  really???).  You can read all about that here.

In the meantime, I'm pretty sure I'll be going to bed early.  Glad I got to see the moon last night, since I'll hopefully be asleep by the time it comes up tonight!

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