Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Anatomy

Here are the anatomy pages from the other Journal Junkies group members, as photographed by yours truly at last night's monthly meeting at Bizzy B.

Kelly's page reminds us that attitude is all in your head:

Diana used photocopies of her hands, together with a picture of the human brain that she copied from Grey's Anatomy (a medical textbook).

Bette, a nurse, copied pages from a medical book she has in her possession, using the same layered transparencies on her journal page.  Very cool!

Chloe told us the word "anatomy" made her think of the birth of a new life and helped her to create this journal page:

Marilyn made two designs, both based on the artwork of Paul Klee.

Laura found a list of alternate names for a certain part of the female anatomy we like to call "The Girls".  She highlighted the ones she had heard before.  Turns out there are a lot of choices, most of which she and we had never heard of!

The theme for next month is "what feeds your soul".  Should be interesting, stay tuned!

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