Monday, June 3, 2013

A Weekend Making Art With Dina

Oh, what a lovely weekend it was, hanging out at Bizzy B taking classes from Dina Wakley.
Dina doing a demo, surrounded
by her well used class supply of
paint and rubber stamps.
Dina's classes are chock full of techniques so she moves fast to get through all the content.  Of course, after trying to keep up with her over 15 hours of class in a 48 hour period, my brain is feeling a bit over-stimulated today.  All that colour, new information, fun and creativity is awesome but it takes some getting used to, especially compared to the rather mundane, somewhat boring corporate world that is my regular 9 to 5 routine!

One of the weird things about being immersed in a series of classes like that (5 classes in 3 days - one Friday night, one each Sat morning and afternoon, then again Sunday morning and afternoon) is that it's so easy to be completely unaware of what is happening in the outside world.

After class on Friday night, I walked back to where I had parked my car, only to find the road blocked by a police car and yellow tape sectioning off an area where a large tree branch had fallen down, bringing a hydro line with it.  Luckily the branch landed several feet away from my car rather than on top of it!
That's my blue car in the foreground!
On Saturday and Sunday, there were several times during the day when someone would suddenly remark, "Is that rain?".  We'd look up from our creations, gaze out the window and sure enough, it would be pouring buckets outside!  Next time we noticed, it would be bright sunshine again!

Meanwhile, we were cozy and dry indoors and completely absorbed in what we were creating.  Which was all sorts of cool stuff, by the way.  We played with gelli plates, drew faces, wrote graffiti, put poetry in motion and created with silhouettes.  Dina is really good at making sure her classes are full of information and techniques.  It makes for a fast pace but the results are pretty awesome.  None of my projects are quite finished yet, nor have I had a chance to take photos of most of it but as soon as I do, I'll be sure to share it photos here!

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