Friday, June 14, 2013

A Close Encounter

I took myself out for a walk when I got home from work tonight.  As I turned down one street and proceeded along the sidewalk, I noticed a dog about halfway down the block take one look at me and then take off running towards me.

He looked a little bit like this:
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Ears down, running at top speed, all excited - it was as if he couldn't wait to get to me, he was that excited.  I wasn't scared at all, you could easily tell the dog wasn't in attack mode, but I did wonder why the dog seemed so happy to see me.

When he got to me, he stopped, sniffed and then raced off in the opposite direction, back to his owner, who was standing in the driveway, watching this happen.  As I walked up, the man explained that the dog had mistaken me for his wife, who walks home along the street from the bus stop every night and the dog goes to meet her.

I don't know which one of us was more disappointed, me or the dog, because I wasn't the woman he was waiting for.  It would be so wonderful to be greeted that way when you got home from a long day at the office, wouldn't it?

I walked home and cuddled a bunch of cats who were waiting for me just inside the door.  It was equally enjoyable, I must say.


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Equally enjoyable and you never have to go out in the snow to walk them!