Sunday, June 23, 2013

Street Sale

My sister and I took part in a street sale on the street where she lives yesterday morning.  It's an annual event, although we found out partway through that it has actually been changed to a semi-annual event, which is why there weren't too many people on the street participating this year.  But there were 6 or 8 of properties with stuff out and there were signs up around the neighbourhood and an advertisement online, so there was steady traffic for most of the morning.

Most people set up in their driveway but we put our stuff on the street.  It was, after all, a street sale!

We had a lot of fun, met a number of her neighbours, had some good conversations and made a few sales.  There were chatty parents and cute kids

and several of the neighbourhood cats went past, out for their morning stroll.

Attila bought this accordion from a man down the street.  It didn't work too well but for $20, it was a deal he couldn't pass up.  I might have been tempted myself if I had seen it first!

We were doing reasonably well...until it started raining.  At first, it was just a light shower now and then.  It would rain for about five minutes, we'd cover things up and wait under a tree until it stopped.  Some people kept shopping.

Then it started to rain in earnest and we realized that the downside of being in the street was that when it rained, the water started running along the gutter to the drains, soaking some of our stuff along the way.  Torrential rainfall will do that, don't ya know.

It did eventually stop but it was still dark and ominous overhead, so we packed up all the remaining stuff as quickly as we could and took it here.

My rule for garage/yard/street sales is this:  once it leaves my home to be sold, it doesn't come back!  Hopefully it will do some good for the charity, as well as making me feel better for having cleared out some closet space.

Then we had lunch and talked about the fun we'd had.  And watched out the window as the rain continued to stop and start.

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