Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sick Me, Sick Cat

I've got a head cold (annoying and tiring) and poor Yonhee threw up a couple of times in the early morning today, the second of which was very bloody (very worrying) and not surprisingly, she hasn't been eating.  Took her to the vet after work tonight.  Rushed there in rush hour traffic and was worried about being 10 minutes late.  Turns out I needn't have worried, the vet was so busy, I waited an hour and a half before she could examine Yonhee.  Seems I'm not the only one who would like my pet looked at before the vet leaves on her Christmas vacation tomorrow. 

The diagnosis is that Yonhee is slightly dehydrated and might have a stomach ulcer, which apparently is not unusual for a lactating momma cat but I do feel bad for her if that is the case.  Makes my head cold seem very unimportant by comparison.  She got some fluids injected subcutaneously by way of a needle under the skin between her shoulder blades and a little bit of liquid medicine orally (which she didn't like at all) and by the time we got home, she was feeling much better and gobbled up half a can of the new hypo-allergenic cat food we're trying.  Hopefully all of these things combined will mean she is on the mend.  In the meantime, the kittens have been moved to the walk-in closet in my bedroom so they can eat their own food, momma cat isn't to have any of that for a while to make sure she gets the proper nutrients and isn't having an allergic reaction to something in the food.  We've eliminated an accidental exposure to some sort of toxin, as she hasn't been exposed to any house plants or cleaning fluids or anything of that nature, thank goodness!

As for me, it's already past 9:30 pm and once again, no presents have been wrapped, no packing has been done, no preparations to be away for two days over Christmas have been made.  But that's okay, hopefully we'll all have a good night sleep tonight and we'll try again tomorrow.  Only half a day in the office, which will really help me get organized plus all day Saturday to get ready before Santa comes.  No worries!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous girl Yonhee is! I hope both of you feel better.

LP Vintage said...

She is so pretty - I love cats with blue eyes. Hope you both are feeling better!