Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Support Public Libraries!

Okay, I will admit that it has been a while since I've actually been in a library but that is my own fault, not that of the Toronto Public Library system. So when our mayor, Rob Ford, and his councillor brother Doug started talking about cutting funding to libraries and closing branches, it caught my attention as well as many of my fellow Torontonians.

Councillor Ford caused an uproar and gained fame (or infamy, some might say) by saying this in July: “Good luck to Margaret Atwood. I don’t even know her. She could walk right by me, I wouldn’t have a clue who she is,” said Mr. Ford, responding to the celebrated author’s remarks on Twitter opposing the proposed library cuts." (read the full story here)

Don't get me wrong. I understand that cost cutting is necessary and no one area of the city's various services should be exempt from the process but removing free access to learning materials and the enjoyment of books is not something I support.  And for any Canadian, let alone one who is an elected public official, to say they have no idea who Margaret Atwood is? That's just sad. And shocking, really. (I had the pleasure of hearing her speak a few years ago and she was absolutely delightful, even more entertaining in person than she is in print, if you can imagine.)

So today, when one of my friends on Facebook posted a link to this website, I immediately followed the directions and laid my money down.  It's a brilliant idea.  Donate money to the library in the Mayor's name and if your donation is $10 or more, you can arrange for a thank you card to be sent to him, either by mail or via email. 

(for those of you from out of town, the reference to "gravy" is because Mayor Ford was elected based on campaign promises vowing to "end the gravy train" at City Hall). 

I can't wait to hear what kind of a response is generated by this initiative!

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