Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dreaming of a Porch (Preferably With A Swing)

I can't believe how tired I have been this week, since getting home from vacation. Maybe it's because we were so busy last week. (Clearly, we had a little trouble with the concept of "slow travel", need to work on that. But there was so much to see and do, we didn't want to miss any of it!) Maybe it's because work seems rather humdrum after being away on vacation, it's hard to get motivated to get back into the routine.   Luckily, things are slightly slower at the office this week as everyone starts to wind down for Christmas and year end, and yet, at the same time, people are trying to get things done that they've left to the last minute before the holidays arrive.
As I drive home on these cold, dark winter nights, I've been dreaming of living in a warm climate on a summer's evening and wishing I had a porch to come home to after a long day. I'd mix myself up a cool drink (a mojito perhaps, or a frosty blue margarita) and sit out on the porch swing and just rest awhile.

We saw lots of pretty porches in St. Augustine, of all shapes and sizes, some ground floor and some upstairs, some screened and some not. Here are just a few:
This one had the magic number!

A porch and a white picket fence!
Anyone want to buy a house?

This one already has a swing
Turrets are always intriguing
This was the prettiest porch we saw, complete with
an unusual stone fence that says xoxox
This one looks more European than Floridian

"Little pink houses for you and me" (John Mellencamp)
(this building is actually an inn, wouldn't you love to stay there?)

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