Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And Then There Were 10

Rhodes arrived today.  He is grey and white and fluffy, just like Halo, only more white than grey, whereas Halo is mostly grey with white socks, tummy and face. 

They make a very cute pair.

The kittens all seemed to accept him very quickly and easily.  Momma cat Yonhee hissed at him a few times but he didn't seem to mind.  No doubt he smells funny to her, she can probably smell the other dogs and cats he was living with.  He actually smells like incense or perfume to me, although perhaps it is just scented cat litter. 

Rhodes has grown up in a household with only adult cats, there were no other kittens around in the foster home he was staying at.  He is very friendly and actually wags his tail when he trots over to say hello to me, it's so cute!  Hopefully he will enjoy having 3 other little ones his own size around to play with, although that situation might not last too long - someone is coming to adopt 2 kittens tomorrow at lunch time, so there will only be 2 left.  Which two will they pick???

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