Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pyjama Day

As much as I enjoy Christmas, it is often a very busy two or three days of last minute errands, cooking, cleaning and socializing leaving little time for proper rest and relaxation, so it is always a bit of a relief when it is over.  As wonderful as it was to spend time with family and old friends, to be able to eventually return to the calm and quiet of my own home is a treat.  Although this year it is better described as "relatively quiet" - I am quickly learning that sharing my space with 8 cats tends to make for a more energetic environment than I am used to.  There tends to be more chasing about, climbing things, clamouring for food and litter box digging than what I think of as normal with this many furry felines about. 

My desire to be home and sleeping in my own bed was no doubt stronger this year because I was sick for all of Christmas with a bad cold.  However, I took along cough syrup, cough drops and my own box of 3 ply Kleenex with lotion (what a Godsend! how did I not know how tender these tissues can be on a nose that looks like one is auditioning for Rudolph's role guiding Santa's sleigh?? It appears for once there is truth in advertising and I for one now heartily endorse and recommend this product for cold suffers everywhere!) and muddled through.  Luckily, it seems the coughing stage is over and I am now back to just a congested nose, which hopefully will also fade away within the next day or two.
Photo courtesy of confessionsofawannabehousewife.com
I don't have to be back at work until tomorrow and as it is a grey and gloomy wet day out there today, with a forecast of mixed precipitation (so far, merely rain) and a possible flash freeze overnight, I am quite happy to spend today indoors with nothing on my agenda other than to read, watch DVDs and/or nap.  One nap has already been achieved, it took place from 10:30 to 12 noon this morning and was quite successful, save and except for the images of this guy which showed up in my dreams:

I have The Time Traveller's Wife and several seasons of The Closer available for viewing, so I expect it will be a very enjoyable afternoon. 

Hope you are spending this post-Boxing Day day in a similar relaxing fashion!