Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eight is Enough

My goodness, it's exhausting keeping track of eight cats!  Yonhee seems to be feeling much better ever since she goes that dose of extra fluid at the vet the other night. She has been gobbling up every speck of food I put down for her and still cries for more.  She is only eating wet food of the hypoallergenic variety for a couple of days as the vet thought she might have either a stomach ulcer or a food allergy.  Either way, she can't eat dry food right now, which means she has to be separated from the others most of the time, because they free feed on dry food and different wet food, which I leave out for them at all times. 

But keeping her shut up in one room all the time isn't easy.  She cries at the door to get out and Gus and Beans sit on the other side and try to dig their way in by chewing up the carpet under the door (thank goodness building management seems to be removing the wall to wall carpeting in apartments as people are moving out, hopefully they won't mind that these cats have made a headstart on that process!)

In the meantime, the kittens now have the run of the place so they are busy exploring, climbing the furniture,

tumbling about play fighting with each other (they are very evenly matched),

trying out the scratching post and learning to use the computer.

At first the older cats didn't quite know what to make of them

and Katrina still hisses if they get too near (which is confusing for Rhodes, who grew up with two black cats that look very much like her so he is probably expecting a warmer welcome) but now everyone seems to be getting along reasonably well.  I hide their food bowls and let Yonhee out for as long as possible so she can socialize with the group, which she seems to like.  Since she's part Siamese, she's very vocal and will sit near me making small noises as if to say, "Don't forget I'm still here. Are you sure it isn't time to feed me again?"

A very nice lady named Janice from Abbey Cats is going to come in twice a day while I'm away for Christmas and make sure all the cats and kittens are fed and watered and haven't trashed the place.  Thank you, Janice (and husband Dave for driving her over)! I hate to leave them but it's only for two days and to be honest, now that my cold has settled mostly in my chest, I'm looking forward to a couple of nights of undisturbed sleep! :)

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