Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Busy Sunday

I've been puttering around all day, trying to tidy up my apartment but getting distracted by artful things. Doing a page here and there in my Journalfest journal, decorating file folders, starting to collect fodder for my trip to Florida in two weeks time, painting the pages of a little journal that a kind woman named Joan recently sent to me, putting some things together for mailing.  Suddenly it's dinner time and there still seems to be a lot of clutter about, the ironing isn't done (not even touched), I'm hungry and my back is aching a little bit. I think I need to just sit for a while and try to still my mind, which is jumping around from topic to topic.  In fact, my brain feels a little bit like my worktable looks tonight:

My friend Kate saw Moneyball today and suggested watching Bull Durham. I think I'll give that a try, a couple of hours drooling over Kevin Costner should make me feel calmer! Or maybe not. ;)

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Diana Trout {} said...

Sounds like my kinda day. Ha! and what happened to it? Right? I think your work table is brilliant. And I completely agree with you the the Brad/George issue. Although Brad was shockingly good in Inglorious Basterds (love baseball movies :)