Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Early Bird

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Normally, as you will have heard, the early bird catches the worm.  In my case, being up early today meant that I got a shower, although it was a lukewarm one with very little water pressure.  It seems the pipe that brings the water in from the street burst overnight, causing flooding in certain parts.  I woke up about 5 a.m., got out of bed around 5:30 and was in the shower sometime before 6.  By 8 a.m. when I went to brush my teeth, there was no water at all and the building management made an announcement of our intercom system advising us of the situation.  I quickly headed off to work, not because I was anxious to get to the office but because I needed to use the bathroom!

When I got home from work today, there were several trucks parked in front of the building and various large scale spotlights set up.  A bulldozer was sitting idle in the midst of several mounds of dirt - good thing it's November, as our lovely front gardens have been completely dug up!

Twelve hours later, they have just advised us that the water is about to be turned back on and we'll have hot water in about an hour's time.  Then it will be shut off again tomorrow at 9 a.m. so they can continue working on the pipe replacement.

So I'll need to plan my morning accordingly. Which shouldn't be too much of a problem, since I will be headed off to the airport around 10 to catch my plane to Florida - home of the early bird dinner special, don't ya know. ;) 

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