Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Rain

Last year, I wrote a post about summer rain in which I mentioned those cold, damp rains of November.  Tonight is exactly one of those nights - brr!  Was very glad to get home and into the dry after running errands, getting in and out of the car, running through the wet, wipes going at top speed.  Forecast is freezing rain overnight, luckily I've got nowhere I need to go before morning. 

Can't really complain, we've had a pretty dry and remarkably warm November this year overall.  Not even any snow yet, which is unusual.

At the moment, I'm downloading some music onto my iPod (April Wine's Greatest Hits, to be specific).  It's been a while since I've logged onto my desktop, it's sooooo sloooow compared to my laptop.  Trying to remember how to connect album artwork with the songs so a picture will be displayed when one of the songs is playing. Oh wait, it seems the CD or iTunes did it for me.  Not the same picture as the CD cover but it will do.

Next I shall attempt to download some apps, something I have never done before.  Using iTunes always feel a bit like being a magician - "for my next trick, I will add songs to my existing playlist", because things never seem to go quite as smoothly as I'd like with their software.  Already tonight I was unable to download the latest version of the iTunes software, which sometimes is a good thing.  And - oops - my screen now appears to be frozen, wtf??  (Send Microsoft an error report - puhleese! Like that would help.).

I did discover that the freezing rain forecast is a rather cool picture on the iTouch weather application. Check this out:

Okay, gotta go try a manual update of the iTunes software.  I'm thinking my iTouch might be too old to have apps loaded onto it, is that possible?

Maggie is playing with a binder clip, seems like she's having more fun!

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