Sunday, November 6, 2011

Journalfest 2011 - Day 4

I spent the third and final day of JF taking a class with Lisa Engelbrecht called "Letterista Style Lettering".  We learned several different calligraphy-style lettering techniques.  We tried out all sorts of different pens and markers early in the day and then moved on to nib pens and either inks or acrylic paints.

Here's a few examples of my lettering (I practised by writing the names of my friends for them to put in their journals):

It was a lot to take in, and after an intense few days, my brain was already feeling crammed full of new information and techniques, so I was glad that I had purchased a copy of the Lisa's book, Modern Mark Making, to bring home with me so I can do more of this at my own pace later on.
Photo courtesy Lisa Engelbrecht's website
That night, we all gathered in the Commons to work on our journals and laugh and talk while listening to the Seattle band Surrealized.  I heard these guys perform for the first time last year and I love their music.

They don't usually perform in costume but given that it was so close to Hallowe'en, they did.  As did some of my fellow journalers, including this merry bank of pirates:

and my new friend Heidi:

Here's how it looked:

and what the average table top looked like:

I spent most of the evening taking photos and getting people to write in my journal.  It was kind of like the last day of school, you want to make sure everyone signs your yearbook!

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