Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Treasures

My mom, my sister and I spent some time on the Thanksgiving long weekend checking out a couple of junk/antique stores in the area one last time before the season ends.  I picked up some really cool things, like this amazing mirror for only five dollars!

It has some cracks or veins showing in the silvering but I really like the effect and it's only around the edges, the middle is still clear.  If you look closely, you can also see the border lines etched into the glass, which I also love.

I also picked up some old postcards, from all over the world, some with writing and stamps on the back but many which are unused.

I got this old book, which is already falling apart so I won't have any qualms about ripping out the pages and using just the cover to make a new book (stayed tuned for the before and after shots of that in a few weeks time). I simply couldn't resist the title!

I also picked up this little package of vintage photos of Paris that measure 2.5 by 4 inches in size.  (I'll use them in my journal next time I visit Paris.  Oh yes, there will be a next time!)

There are about 20 of them, dating back to the days when cars were new and Hemingway might have been sitting at a table in a cafe or visiting Gertrude Stein at her apartment.  Maybe that's him standing on the street corner?!

And last but not least, 3 spools of film that my sister spied on my behalf and which I quickly snatched up.  I love the old metal spools themselves but the films are fascinating - one is entitled "Plunged from the Cliff", another "Lost Strayed or Stolen" and the 3rd doesn't have any titles, it starts off with pictures of a woman dressed in a matching jacket and skirt made out of some sort of heavy fabric with badges sewn on the chest of the jacket, she is sitting on a hospital bed in an empty ward.  I hesitate to unwind any of the spools very far right now but I intend to cut them up (gasp!) and use them as borders on journal pages.

All in all, another successful treasure hunt!

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LP Vintage said...

Ohhh, nice finds, Cynthia!