Friday, October 21, 2011

A Blog Visit With Teesha

Just realized it's going on 9:30 pm and I almost forgot to post today - ack!!  But since I'm busy putting together my trades for Journalfest next week, I'm going to send you to Teesha Moore's blog, for several reasons:

(a)  she is using a new Blogger set-up that displays her blog posts as rows of images. If you click on one, it takes you to her post of that day.  It is so amazing to see the way it looks visually with all the cool images she has posted, you gotta check it out.  Or you can select a different format by clicking on the different words in the top left hand side of the page, like "classic" or "mosaic".  I have to find out how to do this with my own blog, I love the way it looks!

(b) because her blog post today is photos of inside their home, showing some of their art collection.  Also totally cool.

(c)  because I'm going to Journalfest and can't wait to see Teesha and Tracy in just 5 more sleeps!

(d)  last but not least, because she and Tracy are just the coolest. Period.
Teesha and Tracy at JF 2010

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